Some Moms

Moms come in all shapes and sizes.

Some are young,

Some are older,

Some stay home all day working

Some work away from home, and stay home when they can

Some are impeccably dressed

Some exist in ketchup stained t-shirts

Some kissed their babies fresh from the womb,

Some met first met their children, all ready full grown

Some only got to parent for a short time, before death overtook them

Some share their children with step moms and step grands.

Some work two jobs to put food on the table

Some do without so their babies don’t have to

Some have already raised kids once

Some have a partner in the parenting task

Some go it alone, being Dad as well as the Mom.

Whichever the configuration a mom is to be found

Their input in our lives has not gone unnoticed.

Happy Mother’s Day


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