Why So Angry?

whyWhy so angry, child of God
What has you so irked
At the world, at others, at me
I don’t understand
What has made you that way?

Why derision, beautiful one
Why do those who worship God,
But not like you
Or maybe not at all,
Cause you so much irritation?

Why offended my sister, my brother
When someone sees different
In how to live
In who to love?
How does it bring you intimate impact?

Why the rants, dear friend
The loathing, the hatred,
Why the hopes of death Of destruction
Don’t you know, they’re no threat to you?

Why the fury, sibling of God
Why do you rail at me,
For wanting to know
What’s angered you
Why do these questions infuriate you?



8 Replies to “Why So Angry?”

  1. As a person who hates poetry, and has anger management issues, I questioned clicking the link for this when I came across it on Facebook this morning. I’m so glad I did. Thank you for writing so simply yet beautifully what has been on my heart and mind for 2 years.


    1. Thanks so much. As will all poems that I write, it took hold and wouldn’t shake me loose until it was done with me. To k ow that I’m not alone with these questions is a comfort


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