Words on the Page

typingSeven years ago, in a blog format far away, I started a project named Sylvie is a Blogger. It at first was an experiment to see if I could get back into writing, something I had found that found rewarding a few years prior,when given the opportunity to write for a small local print publications in the Western North Carolina mountains. That little experiment led me to a solid three year run writing a weekly column called Miss Mom, first for The Spartanburg Spark, then Flying Oskar, both web community sites. I learned so much as a writer, and what I enjoyed about the art of putting thoughts into words.

I’ve written pretty much whatever has sparked into my brain and has held me captive until I had to sit down at my desk and open up my word processing software. After taking a few quality courses on writing styles and format, I tried my hand at poetry, as well as fiction and essay styles. Fiction proved more difficult than I thought, although I am pleased with my few finished stories, two of which I’ve posted here. A third is featured at a literary website. The fourth is slated for a future date here. yet undetermined.

My favorite topics revolve around my life. I discovered I can tell a story about an event that has happened to me and make it funny enough that others laugh. I also have written about the more emotional, less happy times in my life, partially because its cheaper than therapy, and also in the hopes that others won’t feel alone in their troubles. Poetry is something I continue to experiment in sporadically. With each poem I write, I try something new in style or format.

And then I do the serious stuff. I keep returning over and over to the same topics, some of which I wish I didn’t have to, but am compelled to be a voice that tells anyone who listens that “this must stop. Don’t forget, Please let’s work together to change things.” When it comes to the treatment of others, the need for real social change for the disenfranchised, the abused, the hated, I just cannot be silent. That they are also the topics suite for both the political and religious spectrums I find quite interesting, especially, at least in the US, the line between the two too often becomes blurred.

I have begun the long overdue task of putting years of blog posts into categories. It is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, but lacked the time, and the know how. Who’d’ve thought it was as easy as it has been? Doing the cataloging has allowed me to go back and review things I wrote years ago. I’ve seen how my writing has improved over time, and I’ve been surprised at how many times I’ve felt compelled to cover topics, topics mentioned in the paragraph before this one, topics I know I will be still writing about a year from now.

Its good to stop and see where you’ve been, to process it, to see where you’ve improved, and where you haven’t. Looking back at the history of Sylvie is a Blogger, now dubbed Its  Mis-fit has been illuminating. I’ve seen that I have yet to settle on just one type of writing, or topic or theme, but try them all. That of all the things I write, I enjoy humor based the most, but get the most satisfaction writing the serious social posts. Poetry has a way of keeping me up at night making sure each word, each line, and the placement of both is to an exacting standard that I’m never satisfied with. Yet I am always delighted when the first line of my next poem reveals its compelling self to me.

In the next few months, I hope to continue the task of improving the blog site. I have a free account and minimal skills in formatting. So any suggestions or tips are welcome. I’m not really satisfied with just putting things into categories or how one finds older topical posts, so I will be exploring options. I also hope to share two of the hardest pieces I’ve ever written. One is a longer short story about a man named Jack. Jack kept me up for three solid weeks before I was finished with his tale. The other is an  short memoir in a style that weaves several different topics together. I’ve only done that style once, for a creative  non-fiction writing course, and one day I’d like to try again. It too is lengthy. Both will likely be broken up into more easily digested parts. So stay tuned.



2 Replies to “Words on the Page”

  1. “partially because its cheaper than therapy” I think this is one reason why people turn to creative outlets. 😀


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