Inside Out

I am sitting at my desk, second cup of coffee cooling by my elbow, and I’m still in my pajamas. I don’t plan on changing soon. Today is one of those rare days, where I don’t have to work, although my darling husband does. I am utterly and blissfully alone as even the cats are outside enjoying a break from the onslaught of liquid sky we’ve had for the past several days.

I realize that a slug may get more done today than I.

Being an introvert means that sometimes, every now and then, I need a break from people, from tasks, responsibility, conversations, being awake. Its also a time, where I become reflective, ideas and thoughts being allowed complete free reign in my brain, to do what they will. Usually they peter out, finding themselves in the inner dust heap of concepts that are going nowhere. But sometimes a poem, an essay, a story is born. Sometimes I remember things I should have gotten to that have been shoved aside in my busyness, something that things written down on post-it notes have yet to have complete success in my life. Sometimes I just want to stop a moment, an hour, a day.

Being married to my opposite is actually a good thing. Gary doesn’t know the concept of the word stranger. He’ll talk to anyone, which is why it takes us three times as long to pick up an item at Lowes, then if I went alone. He’s engaging,  funny, and so easy to carry on a conversation with. It is one of the long list of things that I love about the man, his complete lack of reserve when it comes to people. I think my introverted nature is also part of what he loves about me, that I am reserved, not needing to say anything at all, but still can talk with him about just about anything. I encourage him to slow down, as his job takes a mental and a physical toll on him. I tend to I burn both ends of my candle with a blow torch, he uses a high powered flame thrower. He encourages me to be more interactive with people, something I know I need at times, because it is quite easy for me to become a hermit. We seem to help keep one another balanced.

Yet days like today are still welcome. A quiet day, with little on my personal agenda, letting my inside out for awhile,  is just what I need, what many of us who are labeled introverts need on occasion. Quiet, agenda free days are how we recharge, physically and mentally. Such days are too rare,  always appreciated, and intended to be squandered to its full lazy potential.


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