So You Think I’m Gullible?

I got a message in my Facebook messages the other day. It was from someone who had recently friended me.

Greetings in the name of the Lord..i am helen mathew , a widow to late John mark,i am 57 years of age, christian convert, but suffering from a longtime cancer of the breast..From all indication, my condition is really deteriorating and it is quite obvious that i will not live more than five months,according to what my doctor said..This is because the cancer stage has gotten to a very bad stage. My late husband was killed during the U.S raid against terrorism Afghanistan, and during the period of our marriage, we could not produce any child. My late husband was very wealthy and after his death, i inherited all he has gathered when he was alive. But how can i spend the money or drive what he has left now when i am on sick bed. The doctor has advised me that i may not live for more than six months,so i decided to let out my money to contribute to the churches of God in Europe, Africa, America and rest..i have already prayed over it and i am still praying to God to push the trustworthy soul that will help me carry out the mission to my way.I am from my hearth saying this that i am willing to donate the sum of $5,00,000,00 u.s.d to the less privileged. Please i want you to note that the money is lying in the bank in Swiss and upon my instruction, my attorney, who i currently in Africa distributing relief materials, will file in and application for the transfer of the money into whoever will stand as my next of kin. I am so sorry, please can you help me with this mission for the sake of our lord Jesus and for the sake of the less privilege souls out there that needs the money? What i fear from not allowing my husband brother to help me carry out this mission is fraud and scam,because he once told me my brother worked for the money, and he will be the one to spend it,not me..I honestly pray that this money when transferred, will be sure for the said purpose,because i have come to realize that wealth acquisition without Chris is vanity.. May the Grace of our lord Jesus, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you and your family.I sent you this message because i checked your profile and i saw you are a God fearing human being. I will want you to promise me that when you get the money from my bank account, you will share it among the charity home, and churches..Please get back to me on this address… if you are interested or you can send me your email address because my doctor do go angry when ever he sees me using facebook but checking and replying email messages in more preferable..i look forward to your reply and please pray over it..MAY GOD BE WITH YOU.

I usually check any actual connections between myself and people I actually already know before clicking accept, but on this case, I was caught on a generous day. I have a list of people I’ve just never bothered adding, because, after checking their profiles, I’d realize that they were likely to have much different interests than I. I’ve deleted a few for the same reason.

So if you haven’t already guessed this is a variation of the infamous Nigerian scam. There are several tip-offs, which I will point out.

  1. there is a recently deceased and very wealthy family members and all this inheritance.

  2. There is a need to move a large sum of money, in a short amount of time.

  3. There is a plea to the good, generous nature of the recipient to the request.

  4. The sender is residing out of the country.

  5. The English, while fluent, reflects the non-native status of the person writing.

    6. there is usually a covert theme to the request.

    7. The funds are in a Swiss bank account

    I got a follow up message from this person this morning wondering why I hadn’t replied to their “ most important message”. I responded by reporting sender’s Facebook account, and then blocking it from access to mine. I’ve gotten such emails or message before. I know I’m not the smartest woman on the planet, but I’m hardly that gullible. What these yahoos don’t realize is that I consider any and all attempts at unasked solicitation as suspect. They don’t know that if they get as far as getting a message through to where I will notice it, that I will not be responding. In a case like this, I will be checking out the sender’s validity, and then reporting them.

    As much as the message appeals to my generous spirit and my kindness, I cannot feel any sympathy towards the tone or the theme of the message. I know it is all a lie, that the real purpose is for the person who sent this to gain access to my banking information from which they hope to extract as much funds as possible, or to steal my identification for the purposes of opening up credit cards for themselves. I have no plans on making that possible.

    That is why I am sharing this letter in its entirety. I know I am not the only person they are trying to shill, and if I am not going to fall for their line of bull, there are millions of Face-book users out there. They know that there are some who are gullible, and are playing the “throw shit to see what sticks” game They are also hoping that, if we don’t respond that we will also just stay quiet, so they can continue on their path of larceny unabated.

    What this scammer didn’t realize is that I am a blogger, and will write about all sort of things, including people who have the intention of bilking me. It is stuff like this that I have no qualms exposing, and take great delight in letting others know about. If I can help keep one person from getting ripped off, or if I can be a participant in shutting down one more thieving network, then I am glad to do so. So sorry, fake Helen Matthew, I reject your offer.


2 Replies to “So You Think I’m Gullible?”

  1. Thank you for this post.

    I laugh whenever I receive a Nigerian scam or something similar. And then I am sad because I know they would not continue to appear unless they worked. Someone, somewhere, is going to be bilked of their money.

    Thanks again for exposing them.


    1. That these thieves use the three g’s to steal.. generosity, greed and guilt, is maddening. Yet you are right, it works. Of course in my case the joke would have been in them, I have nothing to steal, and I’m not that easily bullied.


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