I’m your friend, I’m here to help

to help as friends should do.

Sit. Let us have a chat.


Let me start with this I’ve noticed,

You are nowhere where, I think, you should be.

Those scars, look fresh, those memories, chronic.

It pains me. You’re just not over it yet.


I’m your friend, of course, you know.

Let me help you with what finds you troubled

To think positive; just believe in yourself.


You need to forgive dear. Please, do it now.

It’s keeping you down, the pain you still hold

Its time to move forward, let all that junk go.

Forgive. Do it quick. To delay is such a sin.


I’m your friend, you can confide in me,

I’m right here to listen,

Now please hear what I say.


I feel your pain hun.  Someone once hurt me.

It hurt, but it made me much stronger

It was God’s will, didn’t let it eat at me.

It worked. It should also for you.


I’m your friend. I see that scowl on your face.

Fine. Don’t listen to what’s for your own good.

There’s nothing else I can do for you.

3 Replies to “Platitudes”

  1. SKorea – you’re right; nothing’s worse than the condescending, “I’m just trying to help you.” “Well, fine if you don’t want to listen. I’m trying to help you.”
    Just makes you want to scream, “I never asked for your “#$(‘&% HELP”


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