That All Important Resolution

fireworksA new year is upon us as we finally put 2013 to bed. For all of us there have been moments of great joy, for others, great sorrow. We had all sorts of conversations on all sorts of things, some of which were about people doing some things that made several of us shake our heads in wonder. The insanity of national politics, the bewildering lunacy that is American Christianity, the heartbreaking tragedies of civil wars, natural disasters and troubled individuals with way too much fire power have been large parts of the national conversation, and have impacted many of us personally. Its been an interesting year.

But enough about that. The new year also means something else…that all important New Year’s resolution. Although I’ve used the same one for years, with good success, I thought that maybe I’d consider a different one this year.

My first option is one of the most popular New Year’s resolution, Losing weight.

I’m beginning to suspect that this insane theory that I have may have some serious validity. What if weight was like our planet’s content of water? As water is in a finite amount and merely moves around in its one of three states about earth, some segments with lots of water, some with hardly any, could not our own body fat be the same? What if every time someone lost a pound, someone else gained that just lost pound? I’ve been on the receiving end for a couple of years now, so I am suspecting that there are a whole lot of people that need to quit Weight Watchers, stop with the healthy smoothies, and reach for the super sized burger instead of the wimpy salad. Some of us would like to be on the losing end for awhile.

Sadly I don’t see that happening for awhile, so on to second most popular New Year’s resolution, Exercising.

Ohoh. Exercising is often related to New Year’s resolution #1. My success rate at starting and maintaining an exercise routing is best demonstrated by this illustration of the brilliant Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half  fame.



That’s one’s out. So what about some others? Read 100 books this year? I do that every year, that’s not even a challenge. Give up coffee? When I die, the poor mortician will likely have to pry a cooling cup out of my dead cold hand, a book or my kindle out of the other. Those are out. Watch less television? Well, we have satellite because my husband is a big sports fan. Half the time he’s watching, I’m reading something. Finally get one of those books I’ve been meaning to write or complete and not in little fragments stored on my hard drive? Too ambitious…yeah and I’m a lazy writer.

I give up, so its back to my annual New Year’s resolution. That is to try to at least bring a smile to someone’s face every day, if not help prompt laughter. It can be a challenge some times, but I believe it is worth it. We need more smiles, grins, chuckles and guffaws in life. We need more people feeling that they are worth being told thank you, that their sweater is pretty, or that they make the cutest couple. Gary is great at this, being the consummate extrovert. He will strike up conversations or crack jokes with perfect strangers, sometimes at my expense. I’m not bad at the snappy comeback so we make a good team. I’m the introvert the pairing, so my methods are more sedate, but we both agree that part of loving one’s neighbor is helping them feel like a neighbor, and a welcome one. That is why I just can’t set aside my annual New Year’s resolution. It, to me, is too valuable.

Happy New Years everyone. May you find it full of laughter, joy and peace.



One Reply to “That All Important Resolution”

  1. I am also like you Sylvie. When I die, they’ll have to pry my coffee cup from my cold, dead hands too. Bring on the stuff since I was 12. Not going to stop now.


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