Inking the Cat

wpid-IMG_20140309_200041_406-1.jpgWhen I left my first husband, I wanted something to commemorate the break from two decades of bad marriage. I thought then of getting a tattoo, but could never settle on a design I wanted. I wasn’t sure if I even wanted one or not. I knew such a thing was permanent…very permanent. Plus, I was needing to waste my money on frivolities such as mortgage payments and food.

The idea for a little ink based art was relegated to the back of my mind, as I worked to put my shattered life back together, met the man who makes my heart sing, changed careers and gained step sons, sons in laws, grandkids, granddogs grandcats and even a grandpig. By firmly closing a chapter in my life and putting out of it a major source of pain, I have found myself exceedingly blessed and have discovered a sense of peace, and happiness I didn’t know possible.

One of the biggest reasons for this is my husband Gary. I tell him all the time what a fortunate woman I am, because of his addition to my life. He knows my first marriage was a disaster, and understands, having survived one as well. He has surrounded my heart and life with love, affection, laughter and comfort.

Maybe it was because my life is now settled, secure, happy, that the idea to commemorate a stage in my life returned. When I first thought of getting a tattoo, it was because I wanted a symbol of defiance, anger and revenge. Bill, the ex, didn’t like them, and I’m not quite sure if he ever knew that his daughters had them. I am almost certain he didn’t know I had supported their getting inked. For me to to do one more thing he didn’t like, even if he would have mostly likely remained ignorant of the fact, would have been a mental “fuck you!”

I am very glad I decided not to get tattooed for those reasons.

Today I went to a very talented artist, named Addam Duncan, and got a tattoo. He had done art on my son-in-law and my youngest daughter. So I was familiar with his work as an artist and his work is phenomenal.  I’d been thinking of getting one again. This time, I wanted something that represented something about my life that I loved. Addam took an idea from a line drawing I brought, and created something completely unique for me.

This little cat on my right ankle, represents the feline part of my soul, and the love my life is now full of because of the man who has helped make it so. I do believe I got her for the right reasons.


4 Replies to “Inking the Cat”

  1. I am glad you did this for “YOU” and not “FU”. I think that is more empowering. Now you’ll excuse me while I got rescue the permanent markers from cyBie. Apparently he has gotten some ideas from your blog o,O


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