Sometimes Love

images (1)Sometimes love is snuggling before the snooze alarm sounds again.

Sometimes it’s making the bed together.

Sometimes love is putting on a bra, on your day off, to run an errand for a friend.

Sometimes the bra doesn’t matter.

Sometimes love is going to a professional wrestling event with your son when you’d rather watch ballet.

Sometimes it’s just watching him play.

Sometimes love is the delighted cries of your grandchildren crying “Nana!” when you visit.

Sometimes it’s just those sticky hugs.

Sometimes love is feeling just as helpless as people you know who are in pain or peril.

Sometimes tears are all you can give.

Sometimes love is pouring out the pain inside of you.

Sometimes shared pain equals healing.

Sometimes love is loud and passionate, as grievances are aired.

Sometimes love is silence.

Sometimes love is the thought of growing old together.

Sometimes it’s holding a life brand new.

Sometimes love seems elusive, for others, out of reach.

Sometimes it makes unexpected appearances.

Sometimes love is an unfettered mystery that defies explanation.

Sometimes it’s as simple as the smile upon your face.


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