Hello, I know its been awhilegaslight

I’ve been thinking of you,

as long as I’m sure you think of me.

I’ve kept tabs, checked things out

because I care, you must see.


You’re doing well, I’ve noticed.

Its as well as can be expected

to see the progress that you’ve made.

You’ve got spunk, always have

Its nice to see that displayed.


My life is beyond terrific.

My accomplishments are many

I’m blessed, so cant help but flaunt

I’m grateful, for my freedom.

You gave me all I want.


But yet you see hardship.

That bothers me, to see

The pain, the demons that you fight

You don’t listen, never would,

When you knew that I was right.


Just, remember, I’m watching

And leave you this advice

Move on, heal yourself, just let go.

Until that random next time

When my presence, I bestow.

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