Patch of Sky

kites-kids-flying-kites-hzThe kite doesn’t care who holds her string,
She only wants to soar
She basks in sun drenched breezes
That blow upon her face.

A hundred shapes and colors
‘Neath cloudy balls of cotton.
Birds, and bees and sister kites
Share her patch of sky.

The kite knows that her time aloft
Depends on fragile tether.
She watches as a neighbor’s string
Entangles with another.

The wind make kite strings fight
Her sisters hurtle earthward.
Another finds itself
Trapped in nearby branches.

She watches far from danger
What happens down below
The figures on the ground
Soon fill the kite with wonder.

The one that holds her string
Points finger towards the peril
“Hold it tight. Don’t let it go”
Says father to his daughter.

The father helps to save her sisters
And that is when she sees.
That  people down below
Are similar, yet not, like kites.

People come in colors
And a wide array of sizes.
The kite beholds from  lofty perch
A beautiful community

A hundred shapes and sizes
Upon the green hued grass
Trees, and squirrels and each other
They share this place called earth.

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