Middle Aged Aphrodite

Ive got back fat
And jiggly thighs
Disproportionate boobs
Tiny lines rim my eyes

My butt acts as balance
To my rounded tummy
My chin grew a back up
My joints now sound crunchy

What’s that on my hands?
Oh my lord, those are spots!
Hormones keep misfiring.
Now I’m sweaty and hot.

My body is a temple
Homage to aphroditic me
It displays the historic
With pure honesty.
Beauty evolving
With the passage of time,
Youth Crumbles slowly
Etching the life that is mine.


About SDParris

Chubby, Quirky, and with an odd sense of humor, Sylvie often wonders if she is supposed to really be in the corner of the world she finds herself. Insomnia, a vivid imagination, and whatever odd song is stuck in her head gives her as much inspiration as nature, society and family.

Posted on December 17, 2016, in humor, Life is what we call it, poetry and tagged , , , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Hi Sylvie, Jason Powell here. Can you tell the AS guys I have been blocked by FB for 3 days. Sorry to pollute your blog with this comment. Cheers Jason

  2. Hi Sylvie, I saw your post in the group, thanks. The post that got me banned was the same one as before – even though I never reposted it! Unless someone found an old version lying around somewhere in some other group I may have posted weeks or months ago. Anyway, it was the one about Jesus getting nailed on the cross. I can see everything but can post nothing, quite frustrating, so I’ll be offline for 3 days. Cheers Jason.

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