Middle Aged Aphrodite

Ive got back fat
And jiggly thighs
Disproportionate boobs
Tiny lines rim my eyes

My butt acts as balance
To my rounded tummy
My chin grew a back up
My joints now sound crunchy

What’s that on my hands?
Oh my lord, those are spots!
Hormones keep misfiring.
Now I’m sweaty and hot.

My body is a temple
Homage to aphroditic me
It displays the historic
With pure honesty.
Beauty evolving
With the passage of time,
Youth Crumbles slowly
Etching the life that is mine.


4 Replies to “Middle Aged Aphrodite”

  1. Hi Sylvie, Jason Powell here. Can you tell the AS guys I have been blocked by FB for 3 days. Sorry to pollute your blog with this comment. Cheers Jason


  2. Hi Sylvie, I saw your post in the group, thanks. The post that got me banned was the same one as before – even though I never reposted it! Unless someone found an old version lying around somewhere in some other group I may have posted weeks or months ago. Anyway, it was the one about Jesus getting nailed on the cross. I can see everything but can post nothing, quite frustrating, so I’ll be offline for 3 days. Cheers Jason.


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