Writing Prompt.

WantedAdI came across a new blog yesterday, Deb’s World as the result of her commenting on my latest poem. I try to take a look at newcomers to my blog and have found such a great wealth of creativity in the world of WordPress. What intrigued met Deb’s blog was a post about a writing prompt, one called Writespiration, the brain child of Sacha Black. The idea is to write 52 words on a topic, a new topic every week over a year, or 52 weeks.

This week was about writing an ad about or for one own’s mother. I haven’t written anything based on a writing prompt in a long time. So decided to give it a try. Its something I need to do more often. I often just wait till I get slapped upside the head with inspiration and write till something new is birthed, or it finds itself relegated to the dead zone of my drafts section.

I shared my results with both blogs. The hardest part was condensing the advertisement in just 52 words. I will be trying writing prompts again in the very near future. In fact I have an entire book of writing prompts, left unopened, on my kindle. Thanks for the idea ladies.

Now for my own advertisement. I may need to apply a tissue warning to it.

Wanted: Mommy to replace one that broke unexpectedly.
Must like to make quiche, creativity and gardening.
Hugs, laughter are mandatory, lessons in native her tongue optional.
Conversations over coffee, delighting in the antics of kids and grandkids preferred.
Willingness to turn back time to restore childhood lost.
Despotic Nannies need not apply.


2 Replies to “Writing Prompt.”

  1. This is great Sylvie, your tissue warning was warranted. Thanks for the link back to my blog as well. I like challenging myself with these and they’re fun to boot 😊 Great having you along.


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