How Mess up a Perfectly Good Rosh Hashanah

Its September 22, 2017, the first day of Autumn, or Spring for those south of the equator. It is also this where Rosh Hashanah falls, which is the beginning of the Jewish civil year and the first day of the seventh month in their lunar cycled calendar. For Jews, its a time of celebration, of the creation of Adam and Eve,  and humanity’s beginnings. It also is a time of introspection, renewal and repentance. During the two day event, devout Jews go to synagogue and hear a special litany called a Teshuva.

For Conservative Christians, its something else entirely. They call it The Feast Of Trumpets. I’m much more familiar with this version having spent the first half of my life in a fundamentalist Christian sect that was all about using Jewish holidays to celebrate the “end times”. While some Conservatives mark the day, and get that warm glowing feeling thinking about getting raptured, and leaving the rest of us heretics to suffer the wrath of God some others take it further. My experience and that of others in my sect, it was spending at least 8 hours in church, most of it on hard metal chairs, listening to some pastor pontificate for two or more hours. The topic was always end times theology.

My sect’s rapture theories were a little different than mainstream conservative Evangelicalism, but the end goal was the same. Bad non-Christians, go to the hot burnie place, all the good, true Christians, the good pretty place where god lives, the “fake” Christians, or those that don’t believe like the true good Christians?…hot burnie. And this is good, wonderful, celebratory. God loves all us good, true Christians. The rest of you? He loves you so much, you, that you are fated to be a charcoal brisket. Hallelujah.”

End Snark.

Needless to say, I still have some anger over this type of theology, which sometimes has me venturing into the abyss, and engaging with people who believe this way, during my 2 a.m. trips to shut my bladder up. It never ends up like I’d hope, that people may want to know why I don’t believe that stuff any more, and see that faith/beliefs/opinions, are not as solid and true as one would assume. I think I keep picking the wrong people to try to have these online conversations with.

In the following conversation, the people there have no idea that I used to believe much as I did, or that I have authentically researched this and many other religious holidays and practices, in my own journey to see whether religion would continue to have meaning or not in my life. They don’t seem to see the problems that exist with the belief system they hold onto so defensively, or why people are leaving such beliefs. Yeah, I asked for what I got, a bunch of grief from people who hate the thought of others not caring for their opinions on things. It isn’t good for my emotional health, yet I keep poking about at the things about religion that bother me the most. I’m still trying to figure out why, other than to maybe show others, that those of us who walked away from faith, had sound reasons to do so.

(Names have been changed to honor the participant’s privacy)

Random dude Seventh trumpet is a about to blow
Another Random Dude Joel 2:1
First Random dude Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the Lordcometh, for it is nigh at hand;
Me Two am. No trumpets. Thank bast. It’s just a Friday, end of the work week. So beyond done this perversion of Yom Kippur celebrated on the wrong day.
B yom kippur and trumpets are two different appointed times, sister.
Me Oh. You are correct. The other day was rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur is at the end of the month with Shabbat shuva in between. I always get them mixed up. Still the celebration of the end of humanity because the Christian God, despite his claims of being ever present and ever powerful, was so inept that he couldn’t convince any more than a fraction of humanity that he was real, so he gives them to the winner, Satan, in the cosmic game if souls who he punishes along with all of us.

And you wonder why people are leaving your sects and turning away from religion all together.

B wow interesting. why would you care about a perversion of the day of atonement then? blasphemy. have fun with that. i don’t care to take time with those who mouth-foam against the Most High. thanks, have a nice day
Me Because I was forced into that life as a child, and saw the horrors of what that belief system wrought. And I also wonder why a small Christian sect thinks it wise to steal from the religious beliefs of the Jewish people, and twist it to exclude them from all meaning and purpose.
E that life you were forced into was a life we have openly chosen. So please keep your defining of our FATHER to yourself. We aren’t asking for your intelligent answers here are we?Keep scrolling.
B  it is not the belief in God that brings horror. it is the behavior of flawed people. steal beliefs from jewish people? the entire bible is ‘jewish’. you can be angry with people, but to bash the Father because of it is total folly and foolishness.
E You said it yourself. You were taught trash. Wake up and learn it on your own. ·
B  i think it’s amusing when atheists attempt to deride the living Elohim. when will they realize that they can’t define their own truth? so many unbelievers think they know everything. it all needs to be dropped and people need to start over, seeking honestly the truth of these matters. if we don’t love the truth, then He will not show himself to us.

those who despise the Father, well….His Word is very frightening to them. and it should be.  exactly. dont’ rely on man, search it out for yourself. you are judging the Father of all creation based on logical fallacies Sylvie.

E  It amuses me that they’ll say oh no don’t be bigoted and they are towards those that make choices to live by what we believe in. Lol
B  i’ve noticed that those who throw around the word ‘bigot’ are usually the worst of the bigots. irony and hypocrisy. it’s ‘okay’ for them to be bigots because we are apparently stupid and ignorant. oh, the nonsense! these people will be humbled before the Living Elohim AND His servants.
Me I am Agnostic. I believe in no gods anymore. Because I heeded the words of a self proclaimed apostle to search all things, and went searching for god. There are none to be found, and not for lack of looking. If there is one, I can’t see where man has confirmed it. Why should I hate something that doesn’t exist? The answer is, I don’t.
B  hypocrisy is rampant in this world. people are so quick to bash others’ beliefs, when they don’t have it right themselves.  it’s apparent that you do believe in Him, you just despise Him. you don’t call an imaginary being ‘inept’
ME  And yet, in my experience, I’m the one who is dismissed and bashed, condemned and judged, because I dare to ask questions, and state my differing beliefs.
B oh yes turn it around. good show. you come and bash God and then act like you are the one being bashed. interesting. you offered your take on it. you didn’t have to.
EHave a blast B. I don’t know why she even sits on her throne throwing daggers
ME I call imaginary beings inept, because that is how they are portrayed. Literature is full of inept characters, as are the myths of religions.
maybe He’s hiding from you for a reason. i find that to be the case much of the time. those who are blinded by their own flesh and their own arrogance have a hard time finding the Father.
B um, okay.
E Then your imaginary. Poof go away
B really you are exposing yourself, dear. bubye.
ME  Why would a supposed all powerful deity hide from little ole me? I’m really not that scary
why? because He loves those who love the truth, and hates pride and arrogance. why should He reveal himself to those who despise Him?do you visit people who hate you? or do you avoid them and spend your time with those you love and who love ou? you bash my Father, but you will know soon enough, and you will bow to Him just like everyone else
E  Why would a supposed all powerful deity hide from little ole me? I’m really not that scary\& Satan has you right where he wants you
B you aren’t scary at all, dear. i’m CERTAIN that the Father is not afraid of you. lol. there’s that insane level of arrogance again. smh. the Father will have His will with HIS creation. nothing you can do about it. and if you think He is ‘portrayed’ as inept than you are deceiving yourself and have no clue what His Word says.
E  Keep living the sweet life.Your of your father Satan. Damn foolish to think its okay to bash a Christian for their beliefs but use Gods words and say you don’t believe..
me Then why are you so offended and threatened by my divergent views? What is it you are afraid of, that getting obviously angered by my comments is obvious? I’m not angry at anyone, or offended by you. I just hate the religious trappings I think you are trapped in
B offended? afraid? lol. oh my darling. if you only knew.
E Why did you come to spread the good cheer of your hatefulness
B you can view things however you wish to. it has no effect on metotally irrelevant. you want people to be offended by your words. i choose to not give that to you. i trust my Father, love His Word, and it’s a waste of time trying to debate with atheists and mouth-foaming unbelievers.
ME Satan is as much mythical figure as any deity. I don’t believe in the existence of any supernatural figure, even though I do love to read mythology and disassemble them. I’m not being hateful. I’m not bashing you, but rather being critical of religious beliefs. There is a difference. I don’t care if you worship three headed llamas, but I am free to present how I feel about the practice of llama worship.
B sure, tell everyone how you feel. thanks for your input. now have a nice day i’m so glad you chose to bless us with your higher knowledge and useless opinions. lol.
Me  Mouth-foaming? Wow. I see insulting non-believers has not improved in quality over time.
B i thought you’d like that
E you have a class to teach and I have work. She just got unfriended. Have a great day.. Love you.
B  love you too sister.
E  Mouth-foaming? Wow. I see insulting non-believers has not improved in quality over time.\\\
This kind of chit cracks me up. Tell others that they are wrong and then expect us to back down. Christians aren’t whimpy they will fight for what they believe in. The lies you were taught are just that lies. We don’t look to man for an answer like you did. We really didn’t need to respond to you either. God is his own Emperor, King, Judge, Jury, creator of all. The only reason you got it from me was because this isn’t the first time you spewed your hatred on my time line plus you interjected when a young Christian who’s already walked away from your old beliefs asked a question. Don’t come back. Your not welcome here.

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