Officially An Author

A couple of weeks ago, Tapestry of Family was launched on I’ve even had a few people buy a copy, and have even signed a copy for a friend who also acted as one of my beta readers. It’s still a bit surreal that I have accomplished this goal, one that sat in the back of mind of a “maybe one day” kind of project.

Of course I’m not done. Since I completed the first draft of Tapestry, I’ve started several other books, all of which are in various stages of completion, including a follow up to my first novel. I’ve found a new obsession, getting these characters and their stories out of my head and into to chapters and paragraphs where they belong. I hope to launch my next book in six to eight months, so will be looking for beta readers soon.

The hardest part of all this has been the marketing. I admit that sales is something that I am not strong in. What I am doing is joining author  based groups and building a network using existing platforms to help build interest in my product. As I have a minimal budget, I’m starting small as I experiment with what works and what does not. In the meantime, I’m using existing social media platforms to promote the book. I know as an unknown, unsigned artist I’m not going to generate sales like Nora Roberts does on a Tuesday before lunch, but the goal is to sale my books.

So, I’m working on just that. I have joined that author platforms at: 

I’ve also had the privilege of having my book shared with others thanks to people like the one who runs the Digital Book Girl promotion service. They help new people like myself who are just getting started in the world of publishing. 

Of course, I still need people to buy my book, and then read it. I need people to review it, and tell others. That is where you come in.


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