Sodom and Gomorrah: A Comedy

  Kevin the deity and Abraham  stood on a hill-top looking out over the valley.  Kevin was Abraham's patron deity, having recruited him when Abraham was younger and just embarking on his life of shepherding and occasional con. Kevin offered protection and certain perks, in exchange for obedience and dedication. The relationship, seemed to work, …


Limerick for Rhyme

There once was a chap from Gilbralter.  Who wrote bad verse on the hereafter. His rhyming nonesense, Was a rousing offense, And his rhythm a stumbling falter. 

The Revenge of Tamar

Why is the story of a woman justly getting revenge on people who caused harm and pain to her almost completely ignored by Christians? What? You didn't know such a terrific tale existed in Holy Scripture? It does, as do many such tale of family dysfunction other comedies of error. This story is also one of my …