Breathe Remember to simply Exhale, inhale, in, out, again Acknowledge the immediate This moment, right now, the next Hear the quiet, bask, relax, Elusive under the usual tension.  


Limerick for Rhyme

There once was a chap from Gilbralter.  Who wrote bad verse on the hereafter. His rhyming nonesense, Was a rousing offense, And his rhythm a stumbling falter. 

Political Fracture

They cheered, clapped their hands, Passed out the┬álibations. Years of setbacks overcome, meant Cause for celebration. Across the way, a happy stage was set, With cameras and orations. They'd hunkered down, fiercely focused Ignoring accusations Of greed, pride, impropriety sustained stagnation. With these steps, they'd dreamed Of a reinvented nation, Instead they widened the cracks …